Black America

Black America Show Summary

Black America is a powerful, engaging and relevant story which follows the lives of four young black men as they chase for academic excellence at a time of heighten racial and social control in America.

As their surroundings intensify, the four band together and take to the streets with the hopes of changing the game from the inside out.

Principal photography commences fall 2016 with series pilot release in late spring 2017.

Co-Production with Cabot Park Productions

Founded in Late 2015 by JR Lopez and Aaron Veale, Cabot Park Productions is a Vancouver B.C. Canada based production company dedicated in bringing non-diluted film and television stories to life. With its soul focus on urban dramas with high production value, the company aims to develop non traditional Crime and Drama films.

Cabot Park is a symbol of freedom, in a time of poverty and desolation. A large family of second generation Caribbean immigrants would grow to call Cabot Park their refuge. Hood films, rap music, fighting, cops & robbers and catching frogs in the ditches of Richmond, B.C. Canada were very much the staples that held their young lives together.

Assembly Productions, Black America, Television Pilot, TV Pilot, Vancouver
Assembly Productions, Black America, Television Pilot, TV Pilot, Vancouver
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